Built by biotech, for biotech

Your clinical development partner should bring more to the relationship than meets the eye. Stiris was formed as a result of listening to stakeholders engaged in clinical trials, identifying their unmet needs and developing a unique, value-base approach to address those needs.

Uncommon reliability

The Stiris brand is prevalent in everything we do.

Great teams start with astute leadership. Stiris begins by understanding your individual needs, your clinical and commercial objectives, and your strengths and limitations so we can assemble the right expertise to achieve your goals. Since the team will be the primary drivers for the success of your trial, we like you to see what you’re getting from the very beginning. We provide you with CVs and detailed information about the people who will be running your trial. We believe your to-do list should not be burdened with training replacement CRAs or rebuilding site relationships. When you start with the right personnel and plan, leading a team to data lock can actually take fewer of your resources and produce fewer headaches.

At Stiris, we give you:

  • The very best talent
  • Clarity and honesty
  • A proactive, nimble and creative organization
  • A cooperative, consultative team environment
  • A committed team from start to finish

We're not your typical CRO

And we have the case studies to prove it.

You’ll be greeted with a handshake by the team that is going to run your project start to finish; we don’t switch out team members once we begin the process. It’s sort of old style, we agree – more like a consulting team – but that’s how we like it. We’re confident you’ll like it too, especially when we hit data lock.