When sponsors want to know that the project is done right, the data is high quality and "they are safe," they turn to Stiris' depth of experience to manage their studies.

Stiris is designed for you, by you

As you read through our website, you will get an idea of who we are; our philosophy, our standards and our passion. You’ll see how we’ve heard your challenges and do our best to address them. Every year we solicit feedback from clients, industry peers, sites, and vendors; asking about what’s going well, what needs to be changed, and what needs they see in the near and long-term future. We use this information to grow and fine-tune Stiris.

We are different

We listen. Not to respond, but to hear and understand. People often ask us why we can do things other companies can’t. Why, when we rescue a study, can we get sites back on board with recruiting when they told the other group they were done? How is it that our retention rate is so high (although one client did give us the answer – because we don’t give them a reason to leave)? What do we do that makes sites want to collaborate, and go the extra mile for us? What is our secret sauce? The answer is really quite simple. Everyone on Stiris’ clinical team is working for the same ‘Why’ – to make a difference in someone’s life.

Location, location, location

The regional structure of your team can greatly affect the cost and efficiency of your trial. Stiris’ regional CRAs allow ease of access to sites, familiarity with local sites, and cultural fit. Sometimes location can be a driver for your success. Stiris is an expert in conducting clinical trials in North America. Our strategic Alliance Partners are experts in their global region. Together, our strong, regionally based team may be just what your study needs.

Our guarantees

We will not switch someone off your study to use on another study.

Every Stiris client will have access to our Senior Management Team.

Shantal Feltham

President & CEO

Amanda Carrera

Chief Operating Officer

Sara McKillop

Vice President, People and Culture

Carrie Hamilton

Senior Director, Clinical Science

Dr. Fernando Lasso de la Vega

Senior Director, Clinical Operations

Dr. Gil Price

Dr. Christian Kollmannsberger, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Haytham Elgammal

Dr. Tracy Sexton

Dr. Yuri Zaretsky, M.D.


Carrie Hamilton

Senior Director, Clinical Science

Dr. Fernando Lasso de la Vega

Senior Director, Clinical Operations

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The advantage of scale and scalability. We can be as large or as small as your project requires – in real time, without compromising quality or experience.