Stiris Research Announces Completion of the Multiple Year Smallpox Vaccine Study

London, ON — August 31, 2022 —

Stiris Research Inc. (“Stiris”), an entrepreneurial clinical trial management company focused on the management of Phase I-IIIB trials, announces the completion of the Smallpox Vaccine Study with a US biotech company.

“Stiris has had the privilege to work on this vaccine trial for close to a decade, having screened over 3,200 patients and vaccinated close to 2,500. Stiris’ commitment to our client allowed us to have predominantly the same team working on this trial for the duration. We are excited to see the results and as communicable disease vaccines continue to be an integral part of our health care system, especially as seen over the last few years with the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to continuing this long-standing collaboration and look forward to future projects with our client” said Amanda Carrera, Vice President, Stiris Research, Inc.

Smallpox is an acute contagious disease caused by the variola virus, a member of the orthopoxvirus family. Smallpox is transmitted from person to person via infective droplets during close contact with infected people who have symptoms of the disease, or in some cases through contaminated clothing and bedding, and is fatal in up to 30% of cases. (

About Stiris Research

Stiris Research is an entrepreneurial Clinical Trial Management company specializing in conducting complex Phase I through IIIB trials for North American biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies, with a focus on Oncology, CNS and Neurology. Stiris Research was formed as a result of listening to the stakeholders engaged in clinical trials, identifying their unmet needs, and developing a unique, value-based approach to address those needs.

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