Stiris Research Inc. Announces First Patient Treated in Study Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Patients with Depression

London, ON — June 17, 2022 —

Stiris Research (“Stiris”) an entrepreneurial clinical trial management company focused on the management of Phase I-IIIB trials, and Aifred Health (“Aifred”), an award-winning digital healthcare company, is pleased to announce the treatment of the first patient in its North American clinical trial utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for clinical diagnosis of Depression.

“Stiris and Aifred are thrilled to have our first patient enrolled in the IUSMD 18-04 clinical trial. We have been working diligently to prepare sites for patient recruitment and are delighted to have achieved this very important milestone. These patients have limited tools to personalize their treatment and typically undergo a long process to confirm their treatment program. We are excited to be working with Aifred in solving a key problem in MDD clinical care, and are pleased to be at the forefront of innovation in this patient population,” said Michael Sawras, Project Manager.

​Clinical depression is a complex mood disorder caused by various factors, including genetic predisposition, personality, stress and brain chemistry. Treatments include psychoeducation, psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and brain stimulation therapies (electroconvulsive therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and magnetic seizure therapy). Depression can affect anyone: children, adolescents, young adults, middle-aged adults and older people. 20% of adults will have suffered from depression at some point in their lifetimes. Depression may be caused by one factor alone or a combination of factors including biological, psychological and environmental (linked to social or family environment) factors.

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About Stiris Research

Stiris Research is an entrepreneurial Clinical Trial Management company specializing in conducting complex Phase I through IIIB trials for North American biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies, with a focus on Oncology, CNS and Neurology. Stiris Research was formed as a result of listening to the stakeholders engaged in clinical trials, identifying their unmet needs, and developing a unique, value-based approach to address those needs.

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