WEBINAR RECORDING – Centralizing Clinical Trial Activities: Can this be the New Norm?

London, ON — May 27, 2020 —


The importance of patient centricity and getting new treatments to market efficiently and safely have been core drivers for innovative trial designs, ways to conduct assessments, and how to lessen the burden of the site, patient, caregiver, and clinical trial personnel. While there are many topics to discuss, this Webinar focuses on Centralized Clinical Trials. Recent events prove the need to be flexible and give the push to adopt innovative processes into practice. This Webinar discusses how the emerging “new normal” impacts Centralized Clinical Trial activity.

Carrie Hamilton, Director, Clinical Science at Stiris Research Inc. and Quan Doan, Director, Technology Solutions at SDC  explore definitions of Centralized Clinical Trial Activities, previous successes, potential challenges to come, and ways to develop clinical trials to maximize these centralized monitoring activities.



•  Common activities successfully centralized
•  Current challenges in centralizing activities
•  Tips for planning centralized activities
•  Tools needed for all activities to be fully centralized
•  Predictions on the future of clinical trials



•  Carrie Hamilton, Director, Clinical Science at Stiris Research
•  Quan Doan, Director, Technology Solutions at SDC


About Stiris Research

Stiris Research is an entrepreneurial Clinical Trial Management company specializing in conducting complex Phase I through IIIB trials for North American biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies, with a focus on Oncology, CNS and Neurology. Stiris Research was formed as a result of listening to the stakeholders engaged in clinical trials, identifying their unmet needs, and developing a unique, value-based approach to address those needs.

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